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Training Camp, Rhodes, Greece

Over the past 10 days the team has been based on the beautiful island of Rhodes in the Aegean sea

for the first team gathering of the year. We also wanted to take a look at the location in view of a possible training camp for 2019 that would be able to include and accommodate members of our amateur, club and triathlete divisions.

The island offer some stunning views and great riding. The weather is good and enables us to get away from the chillier climate of northern Europe at this time of year. As usual the Greeks are very friend and welcoming.

The terrain offers plenty of hills and rolling terrain. Although there are no "major" climbs on the island such as you might find in the Pyrenees or the Alps, there are plenty of climbs to train on, and you can do some very hard rides indeed. Alternatively you can also use the flatter coastal roads if you want to avoid the hills.

Even in early March people are at the beach and are swimming without wetsuits. The keen triathlete could easily get in a good week or ten days of perfect training.


Lets not forget that this is also the location of one of the 7 wonders of the world! The Colossus of Rhodes. It's pretty magical to be able to step out of the hotel and walk a hundred meters to such a historical and magical location!

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