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CrotchGuard joins as partner

CrotchGuard Skin Care Oil joins the team as a technical partner.

We are very happy to be involved with such a brand and company, needless to say CrotchGuard will help the team hugely for stage races. CrotchGuard will also be involved with our title sponsor in supplying Skin Care Oil for clients to test on designated cycling trips and vacations.

Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil was designed for cyclists to reduce friction and relieve chafing irritations. Unlike typical chamois products, Crotch Guard is not thick or messy. Crotch Guard is a silky oil that absorbs quickly and completely into the skin. Crotch guard will not stain clothing because the formula is “in” our skin, not “on” the skin. This method of action provides a clean and natural approach to the saddle.

The 8oz refill size bottle is capped with a pop-up pour spout to easily refill any size bottle. So you can continue to enjoy the ride!

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