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Following the success of our cycling team, we had many requests to add a triathlon and multi-sport division to our organisation. Many athletes who were not international level cyclists wanted to be a part of the CMI ethos.  This lead to the creation of CMITri.  A Multi-Sport platform founded on the ethose, ethics and principles of CMI.




You can follow our Triathlon members' training sessions as well as the training of our Pro Cycling Team throughout the season by following and joining our Strava club.  


Club member, fans and enthusiasts have joined the Strava club in order to share rides and activities with the global CMI community.


Feel free to join or simply have a look at what our members and elite athletes are doing for tranining, racing, or fun.




Want to become a member?


If you would like to become a member of the CMI Tri club please contact us to see if you are eligible.


Contact us:



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