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Good weather and excellent roads.  

Come to the hills behind Calpe, Spain and take part in some structured and focussed training.


Dailly rides suited to a number of abilities will be lead be experienced cyclists, offering plenty of insight, knowledge and years of racing so as to help you and teach you to train and get the most of out of your week away from work, focussed on cycling.  Whether you want to race the season, have a specific event in mind or just loving riding, we are on hand to help you achieve your goal.






19-26 March 2016 (To be confirmed)


Rental Bike:




Javea, Spain





Trips Size:           

20 Max




The area we have chosen is perfectly suited to specific training.  Many of the world's Pro cyclists choose this area for it's good weather and well suited terrain.  The hills are not as long and harsh as the high mountains of the Alps or Pyrenees, and therefore offer the perfect terrain on which to work and improve your climbing, descending, general fitness and intervals. 



CLOSED for 2016

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