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​Equipe CMI consists of a number of separate sporting entities spread between the sports of cycling and Triathlon.

Equipe CMI includes: an international cycling team, a cycling club registered in France, a cycling club registered in Australia and a Triathlon club registered in France


The international cycling team participates in UCI stage races around the world, while the cycling clubs focus on the sport in their respective geographical areas, helping riders to develop and also promoting cycling and a healthy lifestyle in the local community.

The Triathlon division of Equipe CMI includes long and short distance athletes.  The team has a number of athletes qualify for the World Championships each year.


All members of Equipe CMI are passionate about the sport of cycling and love to travel. Athlete attitude is more important to Equipe CMI than results alone.


With the globalization of today’s society, sharing and promoting sport as a part of daily life is important for healthy living around the world.

Equipe CMI's




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