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EuroCyclingTrips Pro Cycling is a professional cycling team from Guam, (Guam’s first Pro Cycling Team) registered as a Continental Team with the international cycling governing body the UCI.  The team consists of a majority of riders from Guam but also includes riders of many different nationalities to create a truly international and diverse team that best represents our diverse international racing calendar.  Our more experienced international riders are here to help develop our Guam riders to achieve new heights on the international scene. 


All members of the team are passionate about the sport of cycling and love to travel to far-away lands and meet new and different people.  The team aims to inspire and encourage people of all backgrounds and ages to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle through sport and specifically cycling.

 The team’s ethos is what drives our group.  While every team wants to win races, this team is about more than racing.  The primary goal of the team’s ethos aims to create a pressure-free atmosphere to enable each individual to evolve in a balanced, gradual and respectful way to achieve their and the team’s best. 



1) to help grow cycling in the Mariana islands and help a rider from Guam get to the World Championships and Olympic games over the next few years.

2) With the globalization of today’s society, sharing and promoting sport as a part of daily life is important for healthy living.  Our aim is to help develop cycling and inspire people of all ages and abilities to ride and enjoy an active lifestyle, in and out of competition.


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CLOTHING:                  CCN Sportswear             BICYCLE FRAME:        BASSO

WHEELS:                      SCOPE                              HELMETS:                    URGE

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