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EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling is a professional cycling team registered in Guam. 


​We comprise of a number of separate sporting entities spread between the sports of cycling and Triathlon, including a cycling & triathlon club registered in Virginia USA.


The international cycling team participates in UCI stage races around the world, while the cycling clubs focus on the sport in their respective geographical areas, helping riders to develop and also promoting cycling and a healthy lifestyle in the local community.

The Triathlon division includes long and short distance athletes.  The team has a number of athletes qualify for the World Championships each year.


All members are passionate about the sport of cycling and love to travel. Athlete attitude is more important to us than results alone.



With the globalization of today’s society, sharing and promoting sport as a part of daily life is important for healthy living around the world.  Our aim is to help develop cycling, not only with youthful riders aiming for the top level of the sport, but primarily to inspire people of all ages to ride as well as race at their respective levels, getting more people on bikes around the world.


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Our Pro team is very grateful to work with some fantastic brands, putting our riders in a position to be able to perform at their best.

CLOTHING:                  CCN Sportswear



WHEELS:                      SCOPE

HELMETS:                    RANKING HELMETS

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For the cycling fans and collectors out there you can get your EuroCyclingTrips - CMI Pro Cycling, Guam's first Pro Cycling Team rider cards here.

Simply send an email to us by clicking the "get cards" link below and we will inform of how best to get your hands on the cellectables.



Many triathletes wanted to be a part of the our ethos.  Thus a Multi-Sport platform founded on the ethos, ethics and principles of our road structures were founded.

You can follow our Triathlon members' training sessions and their exploits throughout the season by following our social media platforms and by joining our Strava club.  


Club member, fans and enthusiasts have joined the Strava club in order to share rides and activities with our global community.




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